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Lawn Aeration

by Gregory Walker on 02/21/12

Many people don't understand the benefits of lawn aeration.  We simply think of it as that annoying salesman that comes around each spring and makes a mess of the yard.  However lawn aeration may be the best benefit for your lawn out of everything you do.  This simple step each Spring can help with all of the following problems. 

Bullet Improved air exchange between the soil and atmosphere.
Bullet Enhanced soil water uptake.
Bullet Improved fertilizer uptake and use.
Bullet Reduced water runoff and puddling.
Bullet Stronger turfgrass roots.
Bullet Reduced soil compaction.
Bullet Enhanced heat and drought stress tolerance.
Bullet Controls pest problems associated with lawns.

The type of equipment and how it is used is vital in the success.  The best aerator for our type of grasses is a plug type machine.  This will pull a plug out of the lawn thatch (which is the part of the root structure about 2-3 inches deep). This will help with the thatch (roots) becoming to thick and basically choking themselves out.  The other main problem with grasses is compaction, which won't allow the roots to continue to grow.  The plugs allow the soil to loosen which encourages root growth.  The other two main benefits people don't realize with aeration is the greater success with fertilization getting where it needs to be and the ability to help with bill bug and other pest problems. 

Whether we do your aeration or someone else please make sure that the aerator is properly cleaned with a disinfectant before each use.  A common problem with aeration is the spreading of larva from different pests.  This can cause that lawn you have worked so hard at to have a pest problem. 

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